Brand Focus: Pearl Octopuss.y

Pearl Octopuss.y is an Oslo based jewellery brand, established and crafted by Cathrine Boerter.


With a soft spot for the eccentric and bold, Pearl Octopuss.y seeks to connect with the customer that endures a love for the maximal.

Cathrine Boerter has been working as a women's wear designer in Oslo for almost a decade, until she started making her own jewellery - almost by accident during her maternity leave.

Pearl Octopuss.y was founded in 2018 and the pieces are handmade with an obsessive care for detail, craftmanship and the nostagia of owning something unique.

"I instantly fell in love with the process and the feeling of working so detailed with my hands. Suddenly I just couldn’t stop doing it. “

Oslo runway august 2023

In August Pearl Octopuss.y and Cathrine Boerter won the Costume Awards Jury Prize for Best Designer of the Year 2023


Costume Awards is a yearly fashion award hosted by Norway's biggest fashion magazine - Costume.

Pearl Octopuss.y Runway show 

Oslo Fashion Week August 2023.

Emma Ellingsen wearing the Paradise Diamond Fringe Jakcet. 

The dress is made of a vintage jacket the Pearl Octopuss.y team found in London, then upcycled with sparkling glass fringes. 

Unique, sustainable and one of a kind.

"It’s my own personal space where I get to create things I find beautiful - as well as it is really satisfying to make something real. To create an object in your hands.“

- Cathrine Boerter