Care Guide: How to remove pilling and wash your cashmere

How To Care For Your Cashmere


Cashmere pieces are a worthy investment, so it’s important that they’re cared for correctly!


What is the best way to wash cashmere?

Use the handwash program on your machine to wash your cashmere (soupçon of baby shampoo, optional.)  If your machine doesn’t have a handwash or “gentle” program. Put your  cashmere inside a pillow case and put it on a cold wash. Or, better still, hand wash in cool / lukewarm water, with a splash of baby shampoo or a drop of wool and cashmere shampoo.


 Tackle stains with a stain treatment. If the garment is a fine knit and the label specifies “dry-clean only,” stay safe and head to your local dry cleaner. 



The Best Way to Remove Pilling from Sweaters


Pilling is inevitable:  All cashmere, no matter how good the quality, is prone to pilling. Keep a comb on hand to deal with bobbles: lay your cashmere flat, gently pass the knitwear comb over the fibres, and the pills will be picked up.


Using a Fabric Shaver or a Dry brush:  A fabric shaver is an easy and effective way to remove pilling from your sweaters. Simply turn on the device and gently move it across the fabric in small circular motions until all of the fuzz has been removed. A dry brush can also work to remove pilling. Simply glide over the fabric to make your textile become and soft.

Using a Disposable Razor or Tweezers To Remove Fuzz Balls: Another option for removing pilling from your sweaters is using either disposable razors or tweezers to pluck out each individual pill. Be sure not to press too hard when doing this so as not to damage the fabric underneath! For extra precision, try using magnifying glasses while plucking out each pill with tweezers - this will help ensure that no fuzz remains behind after removal.