Havre Studio was founded in 2019 between Copenhagen and Mexico City and created to aid solving a problem, by disrupting traditional production patterns that have failed the planet. Havre Studio ruthlessly search the world for old gems and prolong their life cycle, through cleaning, repairing and reimagining them.

      The garments are primarily sourced in Mexico City and reworked by partnering independent seamstresses, suppliers and dry cleaners, each determining their own pay and their own working hours.

      Havre Studio wishes to focus on our approach to how we buy clothes. Their objective is to ensure that the customers are able to use and wear them for years, and even pass them on to the next person, prolonging the lifespan of each piece, while simultaneously minimizing waste and emissions caused by clothing consumption.

      Everything is recycled, repurposed and/or vintage, and a lot of time, effort and care goes into repurposing each piece.

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